With Cannabis Cured, our goal is to supply top shelf cannabis flower and products for our recreational consumers and partners. We have confidence in the quality of our cannabis, and we believe you will too. With affiliate brands such as Mainely Baked and Full Spectrum Solutions - we strive to bring you some of the finest products in the state!

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Cannabis Cured features delicious edibles from our quality, food-grade kitchen, Mainely Baked, and features concentrates by Full Spectrum Solutions. All of our partners are working diligently to produce only the finest products we can offer to our Maine medical marijuana recreational consumers. We are proud to work with our partners, and would love to work with you, too!

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Cannabis Cured - The Motto

Cannabis Cured puts dedication with years of experience into producing quality cannabis strains to fit a variety of needs for Maine medicinal and adult-use marijuana. We believe in producing clean, pure medicinal products with sustainable vertical integration. Learn more about Cannabis Cured here and discover why we’re proud affiliates of what we do!

Cannabis Cured Featured Flower


  • NYC Sour Diesel
  • Raspberry
  • Cantaloupe Diesel
  • 4 Kings
  • Gas Leak
  • True Octane
  • Salmon River OG
  • Wedding Crasher
  • Mint Sherbet
  • Mother of Berries (MOB)
  • Shire
  • Blueberry
  • Afghani #1
  • Purple Punch
  • Gorilla Glue #4

Full Spectrum Solutions

At Cannabis Cured, we trust only the best for premium medicinal and adult use marijuana products. Full Spectrum Solutions is located in Fairfield, ME, and remains our go-to processing partner for all of our concentrates, distillates, and other premium cannabis products. Full Spectrum Solutions takes pride in the safety of their process and the integrity of their business. Learn more about Full Spectrum Solutions and why we are proud to partner with them today!

Full Spectrum Solutions Logo Fairfield ME

Mainely Baked

Mainely Baked is a commercial-grade kitchen located in Fairfield, ME. They specialize in a variety of goods such as lollipops, hard and chewy candies, chocolates and baked goods. We at Cannabis Cured recommend only the best sources for edibles and we believe Mainely Baked is it! Check them out today and be sure to try some of their delicious products! You can thank us later.

Mainely Baked menu

  • Green Apple Flavored THC Gummies
  • Cherry Flavored THC Gummies
  • Blue Raspberry Flavored THC Gummies
  • Mango Pineapple Flavored THC Gummies
  • Mixed Fruit Flavored THC Gummies
  • Orange Flavored THC Gummies
  • Strawberry Flavored THC Gummies
  • Watermelon Flavored THC Gummies
  • 100mg Lemonade Mix

  • 100mg Pink Lemonade Mix

  • Hot Chocolate Mix – COMING SOON!
  • Cookies + Cream Chocolate Baked Bar
  • Candy Cane Chocolate Baked Bar
  • Orange Cream Chocolate Baked Bar
  • Dark Cherry Chocolate Baked Bar
  • Passion Fruit Chocolate Baked Bar
  • Key Lime Chocolate Baked Bar
  • Strawberry Cheese Cake Chocolate Baked Bar

Adult Use Coming Soon!

Recreational Cannabis is rising in popularity and there is no better place to shop for it than with Cannabis Cured! Visit our adult use cannabis page and let us know what products look good to you!

Mainely Baked

The fully licensed commercial grade kitchen, Mainely Baked, offers a variety of edibles from chocolate, chocolate bars, gummies, lollipops and delicious drink mixes. Taking pride in supplying high quality, clean products.

Adult Use

Recreational Cannabis is rising in popularity and there is no better place to shop for it than with Green Alien Cannabis! Visit our adult use cannabis page and let us know what products look good to you!

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We are happy to chat! Feel free to contact the team at Cannabis Cured anytime with questions or inquiries. We aim to create lasting, positive partnerships throughout the cannabis industry. If you are a quality, top-shelf cannabis business, we want to work with you. We are a friendly and consistent, hard-working team, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!