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Cannabis Cured is a caregiver owned and operated organic medical marijuana company in Thomaston, ME

At Cannabis Cured you can always access the caregiver and the grower who made your medicine, they are here to help, to answer questions and to work for you and your condition. We believe in the integrity of our product; and strive to always create the most pure and organic product possible. Our caregivers and other staff will help you find the right medical marijuana, cannabis extracts, CBD, vape, concentrate or glass pieces for your conditions & preferred administration. There are a variety of options available and what works for one, might not for another. Cannabis Cured is different because we put extensive time and experience into cultivating effect specific strains for conditions like chronic pain and a variety of other conditions. We cultivate a wide variety of strains and can customize and work with you to best support your needs. If we do not have the strain best for your chronic pain or other condition, we will happily send you to another quality caregiver, as our goal is your high-quality healing process regardless of our own profit.

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