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CANNABIS CURED Your Thomaston Maine Medical Cannabis Caregivers

Cannabis Cured-your local to Thomaston, ME partner in high-quality medicinal cannabis products!

Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery Service In Maine For Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Here at Cannabis Cured, our customers are our number one consideration. We are a local, high-quality, community centered, Medical Cannabis based business with trusted affiliates around the state of Maine. We believe medical Cannabis should not be wildly priced, and aim to always provide high-quality medical cannabis and cannabis extracts at the lowest price possible. We have products for any patient’s needs; from vapes, distillates, CBD and cannabis concentrates & extracts, glass pieces and of course, medical marijauana. No one should live with chronic pain and other life-changing conditions.

About Us

We believe in this business and believe every customer deserves relief from chronic daily conditions? Why should you trust our knowledge in organic medical cannabis, CBD and extracts to offer some relief?

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Our Cannabis

Discover our cultivation process and what happens to our medical cannabis from growth to distribution and why can you trust the expertly grown and processed medical marijuana we provide!

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Cannabis 101

Curious about the differences in our medical cannabis products, and different strain options? We are knowledgeable, educated caregivers who are always available to assist you.

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At Cannabis Cured the health and wellness of our customers and employees is a top priority.

Now as we find ourselves in these uncertain times, we want to promise our patient’s that we are following safety procedures closely and still dedicated to connecting you to quality, clean cannabis. 

Our team always follows strict cleanliness protocols, from hand washing and gloving, to regularly disinfecting all surfaces. We ask that customers who are sick or feel unwell choose to stay home and get in touch with us by phone to have a direct relative or MMMP certified friend pick up a call-ahead order in your place. We wish you all good health!

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Check out our currently available high quality CBD, cannabis concentrates, flower, edibles and other marijuana products through our Weedmaps menu.

Cannabis Cured and our trusted affiliates handle every single step of our flower processing.

We pride ourselves in the expert cultivation process of our medical marijauana. Cannabis is nature-based medicine and should be handled with expertise and great care. We only provide high quality, fresh and organic as possible medical-grade cannabis product, handled by as few hands as possible. Our medical marijauana is always properly cured and available at the lowest price possible.

Cannabis Cured values our close customer relationships in Thomaston, ME.

Our caregiver is always on site and will take the time to get to know you and your needs. Regardless of growth, we prefer to run a “mom and pop style” operation where our customers are family. Profit is not our main focus or goal, instead it is connecting our patient’s to the most effect specific medical cannabis products for their conditions and preferences. We have a wide variety of medical marijuana, cannabis extracts, CBD, vape, concentrate or even glass pieces for support with your chronic pain or other conditions. All our staff come from caregiver type backgrounds, are extensively trained, and continuously educated to adapt to the ever-changing innovations in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Concentrates

Our medical cannabis concentrates and distillates are processed with Full Spectrum Solutions-an affiliate processing facility in Fairfield, ME. Their facility is based on integrity and safety with high quality product being their main goal. They offer experience-based handling of our medical marijuana, resulting in a clean, high quality product. To learn more about their processing and why we trust them, find them here!

You need to have or obtain a medical card to access our medical cannabis products.

Cannabis Cured is happy to help with knowledgeable, step by step guidance available. Although we do not do this in house, we have great relationships with trusted professionals that can offer you assistance at a much less expensive rate than the local average for medical card access.

**Out Of State Patients Are Welcome With Proper Valid Identification And Medical Card**

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