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Are you looking for a trusted cannabis dispensary with high-quality products? Cannabis Cured is a local, vertically integrated cannabis dispensary with a fully licensed lab and commercial kitchen. In other words, our cannabis sales don't involve middlemen, so you can purchase quality products for an affordable price.

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Our Cannabis Dispensaries Offer A Variety of Products

We have locations in Fairfield, Thomaston, Bangor, Carrabassett Valley, Portland, Bethel, Eliot, and Stratton, ME

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Looking for a dispensary that offers medical or recreational cannabis? You've come to the right place. Visit one of our medical or recreational cannabis storefronts in Carrabassett Valley, Portland, Thomaston, Bangor, Fairfield, Stratton, Bethel and Eliot, ME to browse our products and accessories.

Not quite sure what you need? Just ask one of our budtenders. We can make recommendations and help you figure out which products might be right for you.

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Deals may vary by location, please check out your local store's Weedmaps page, just click on the 'Menus' dropdown at the top of the page, for more information.

When you make us your preferred cannabis dispensary, you can take advantage of daily special offers and discounts. Here’s a breakdown of our special sales:

Recreational Daily Deals

  • Sundays – Buy a quarter ounce, get a free pack of cones or papers or a chillum.
  • Mondays –$70- 1/4s
  • Tuesdays – 3-Distillate Cartridges for $95
  • Wednesdays – Buy 1G of Concentrate for $40, Buy 2G of Concentrate for $75
  • Thursdays – Buy four drinks for $22.50 on “Thirsty Thursdays”
  • Fridays and Saturdays – Spend $100 and get a free pre-roll

Recreational Everyday Deals

  • 3 Pre-Rolls for $27.50
  • $143 Mix & Match Half Ounce
  • $286 Mix & Match Ounce
  • Students, Veterans, and First Responders Receive 10% Off

Medical Daily Deals

  • Sundays – Buy a quarter ounce, get a free pack of cones or papers or a chillum.
  • Mondays – 100mg Edibles for $10
  • Tuesdays – Quarter for $45, Half for $90, Ounce for $180
  • Thursdays – Everyday Deal! Apply your daily deal of choice.
  • Fridays –Spend $50, receive a free joint.

Medical Everyday Deals

  • 5 Distillate Cartridges for $100
  • Students, Veterans, and First Responders Receive 10% Off