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Welcome to Cannabis Cured! Our recreational dispensary in Fairfield, Maine is the top choice for recreational weed consumers in Fairfield and surrounding areas. We are situated northwest of downtown Fairfield. To get to the Cannabis Cured dispensary from downtown, simply follow ME-139 west for about 4.5 miles. You’ll find our Fairfield cannabis shop on the right, about half a mile after you pass the intersection of ME-23 and ME-139.

Among all the recreational weed shops in Maine, our Fairfield cannabis store stands out as the preferred choice! Situated conveniently between Fairfield and Norridgewock, our dispensary attracts cannabis newcomers and connoisseurs alike from across Somerset County.

Residents from Shawmut, Waterville, Clinton, Hinckley, Oakland, Sidney, Smithfield, North Vassalboro, China Village, Norridgewock, Rome, Albion, Madison, Belgrade, and beyond happily journey to our recreational dispensary in Fairfield for unmatched service, variety, and prices.

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Popular Cannabis Products in Fairfield

Customers who visit our Fairfield dispensary praise the carefully curated assortment of premium weed at Cannabis Cured. Renowned for our exceptional variety, we proudly showcase top-quality THC products in Maine, including flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, and more! Looking for recommendations? Explore some of our patrons’ favorite products below:

Premium Weed Strains

You’ll find a wide selection of premium weed strains at our recreational dispensary in Fairfield, ME. The Cannabis Cured flower collection features top-tier offerings from Maine’s leading cannabis cultivation facilities. All of our strains are developed by well-known cannabis geneticists like Jinxproof and Humboldt Seed Company. Whether you favor sativa, indica, or hybrid cultivars, we provide a diverse range to match your preferences!

At our Fairfield dispensary, you’ll find a wide selection of Maine’s best weed strains, celebrated for their rich cannabinoid and terpene compositions. Select from highly acclaimed strains such as Bahama Mama, Wedding Pie, Wedding Crasher, Sundae Best, Shire, Sherb N’ Runtz, Blueberry Cupcake, and many more!

Browse our cannabis strains available in Maine online and pick up your order at Cannabis Cured!

Tasty THC Edibles

When it comes to cannabis edibles in Fairfield, our recreational dispensary boasts an unbeatable selection. Cannabis Cured takes pride in presenting a diverse array of pure & potent weed edibles sourced from reputable Maine cannabis product manufacturers– such as delectable chocolates, gummies, and drinks.

At our Fairfield dispensary, we proudly display an extensive range of the best edibles in the Pine Tree State. Our diverse selection of tantalizing options comes from trusted Maine cannabis brand partners like Nectr and Sugarloaf Springs.

Shop Maine’s top edibles online and pick up at the Cannabis Cured dispensary in Fairfield!

Smooth Vapes & Carts

Discover the ease of cannabis vapes! Vaporizing weed delivers fast effects without the harshness of smoke. At our recreational dispensary in Fairfield, Maine, we offer an extensive selection of convenient and user-friendly options, including disposables and cannabis cartridges filled with distillate, live resin, or solventless concentrates.

Indulge in our richly flavorful and effective vapes & carts, sourced solely from respected Maine cannabis product manufacturers like Northern Grown. Our pure and potent carts mimic the flavor and effects of popular strains like Raspberry Truffle, Northern Lights, Blueberry Cupcake, Apple Tartz, and dozens of others.

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Best Recreational Cannabis Store in Fairfield

Welcome to Cannabis Cured, the #1 recreational dispensary in Fairfield, ME! Immerse yourself in a warm atmosphere where dedication to cannabis meets outstanding service.

Cannabis Cured distinguishes itself from other recreational weed shops in Maine with a commitment to excellence. We provide top-notch products exclusively sourced from the most reputable Maine cannabis product manufacturers and cannabis cultivation facilities.

Enroll in our loyalty program to enjoy unmatched savings on Maine’s best weed. Whether you’re in search of premium flower strains & pre-rolls, tasty edibles, potent extracts, innovative vapes, or any other cannabis essentials, we have something to suit your needs at our Fairfield dispensary!

Discover superior cannabis offerings in Fairfield at Cannabis Cured dispensary. Embark on your path to heightened well-being and relaxation today!

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What Our Customers Are Saying.

Our Fairfield dispensary is adored by both locals and visitors! Take a look at one of our glowing Google reviews. Have you had the chance to visit Cannabis Cured in Fairfield? Please leave us a review.
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staff is always super nice and helpful. the guy I met the first time I went was surprised me how much he knew and could teach me more about what’s better for certain medical problems and what to look for in each strain to help with those things etc it was impressive and very helpful!

Melissa Brown

5 Star Google Review

I enjoy stopping into Cannabis cured from time to time. I’ve been going since they were only medical at that location. The staff are always very helpful and super friendly. Overall, a good Recreational dispensary in the area.

Josh M

5 Star Google Review
What an awesome experience, prices were perfect and the flower/ concentrate was literally top shelf! Highly highly recommend the Slow N Sweet 50/50 but seems heavy on the Indica after smoking it, now that I realized I never type reviews like this! So the Slow Sweet makes me babble! WELL DONE WOTH YOU FLOWER!

Nick Ponti

5 Star Google Review

FAQ: Areas Served by Our Fairfield Dispensary

How close is the Cannabis Cured dispensary to the airport?
Our Fairfield cannabis shop is close to a few small airports. Central Maine Regional Airport, LaFleur Airport, and Pittsfield Municipal Airport are all within a 25-minute drive. As soon as you land, make your way directly to Cannabis Cured– Maine’s best weed dispensary!

Is your weed dispensary close to a hiking trail?
Yes, there are many nearby! Local hikers, dog walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts frequently visit the Cannabis Cured dispensary to replenish supplies before or after enjoying the many scenic hiking trails close by, including the Quarry Road Trails, Mill Island Park, and Shawmut Dam.

Where is the museum in relation to your Fairfield dispensary?
There are a few museums near the best weed dispensary in Fairfield! The L.C. Bates Museum, Colby College Museum of Art, and Waterville Historical Society are all within a 10-minute drive from Cannabis Cured.

Is your recreational dispensary close to the college?
Indeed! If you’re a college student of legal age, you’ll find the location of the Cannabis Cured dispensary quite convenient. Colby College, Kennebec Valley Community College, and Thomas College are all situated within a 10-minute radius of Fairfield’s best weed dispensary.

Is the Cannabis Cured dispensary near the disc golf course?
Yes, we are literally surrounded by picturesque disc golf courses! Check out Quaker Hill Disc Golf, Skyriders Disc Golf, and Angry Lobster Disc Golf. They’re all less than five minutes away from our Fairfield dispensary.

Are you a Waterville dispensary?
While we’re not officially located there, residents from Waterville and Winslow tend to favor the Cannabis Cured dispensary over other recreational weed shops in Maine. Our Fairfield cannabis shop is only a 10-minute drive from Waterville.

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Discover the epitome of cannabis excellence at our Fairfield dispensary. With a dedication to quality, a varied product lineup, and unparalleled deals, Cannabis Cured is your ultimate destination for all your weed needs.

Whether you’re an experienced consumer or new to the world of cannabis, the inviting ambiance and expert staff at our recreational dispensary in Fairfield, ME are ready to assist you. Browse our menu today for Maine’s finest flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, and beyond. Come along on a weed journey with Cannabis Cured!

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