Cannabis Cured Recreational Weed Dispensary Bangor

Visit our recreational dispensary in Bangor!

  • Address: 49A Bangor Mall BLVD, Bangor ME 04401
  • Phone: (207) 573-1372
  • Business Hours: Monday–Sunday, 10:00 AM–6:00 PM
  • Must be 21+ with a valid ID
  • Order online and have it delivered or pick it up
  • Follow us on Instagram: cannabiscured_bangorrecreation

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Bangor Dispensary for Recreational Cannabis

Our Cannabis Cured Recreational Weed Dispensary Bangor location, at 49 Bangor Mall BLVD, Bangor ME 04401, first opened as a medical marijuana dispensary in November 2018.

Since then, we’ve remained committed to providing our local Bangor community as well as surrounding communities such as Brewer, Eddington, Holden, Clifton, Veazie, Orono, Glenburn, Levant, Herman (and beyond) with the highest quality recreational cannabis products. With that comes our unmatched, passionately knowledgeable budtenders who enjoy helping customers find the right weed products to match their needs.

In October 2021, we expanded our services to include recreational cannabis to our dispensary.

If you’re looking to feel relaxed, need symptom relief, or want to get in that creative-minded head space, our weed products deliver! Whether you’re craving earthy, berry, pine, citrus, sweet or spicy weed flavors, we have something for you in our Bangor dispensary that will hit the spot.

This dispensary is conveniently accessible from major roadways such as I-95, Hogan Rd and Stillwater Ave. We are close to the Husson University, Eastern Maine Community College and UMA Bangor campuses, and in the heart of the Bangor Mall shopping experience.

Cannabis Cured Bangor Dispensary Weed Strains

As a vertically integrated company, we sell our marijuana products cheaper than a majority of Maine dispensaries. Because we cultivate and produce 20 signature strains of our own flower grow and weed products in-house, we not only know our stuff, but we care about the quality of cannabis we offer you.

Every product we produce goes into all of our stores so you have access to premium quality Cannabis Cured weed.

Why is this important?

This means you know where your favorite marijuana goods come from—we cut out the middleman and take great pride in our locally grown, seed-to-market cultivation process.

We also offer other popular brands from the industry that include Purple Punch, Gas, Dream Catcher, Mother of Berries, Papaya, Sunset Sherbert, Gorilla Glue #4, Salmon River OG, Afghani and Blue Dream.

Check out our hybrid cannabis products that are unique to our brand, with selections like Apple Tart, Mimosa, Raspberry Parfait, Wedding Crasher, Cherry Garcia and more.

We offer Hybrid, Indica and Sativa in products like flower, pre-rolls, edibles, topicals and more.

What Customers Say About Cannabis Cured Recreational Bangor Dispensary

We love hearing from our customers and learning about their experiences at Cannabis Cured dispensary locations. Here’s what a few customers have said on Google reviews about our Bangor dispensary store.

This is my new favorite recreational shop. Prices are solid, there are great daily deals and the staff is friendly and helpful. Their edible selection is good, the dry herb isn’t the largest selection but definitely a variety, and I’m sure they will get more in the future. Thank you!


Employees are nice and helpful if you have questions, decent flower, the pre-rolls are all the way filled unlike other places, edibles, tinctures and the prices are decent compared to most. My favorite Bangor area dispensary.

Carly Murphy

The people are super friendly and the store is laid out in a way that’s not overwhelming. Great assortment of products too. Love that they grow their own and that they got their start on the medical side.

Steven D Copertino

Very nice friendly staff and this place offers both recreational and medical. I’ve only been here a couple times so far but I like it and will be back.


Wonderful space and well-set-up for inspection and browsing of goods. Friendly and informative staff. They have a loyalty discount program on top of daily deals. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking for flower or pre-rolls although they also handle distillates and extractions.

Andy Eisentrager

I love how they actually have their products out so you can see them under a magnifying glass and each product explains what it’s good for such as pain, anxiety, eating disorders and other ailments. They have a range of products and even some for animals they also have an ATM in the store so you can get cash because they only take cash.

Mattie Kinghorn

Recently opened dispensary with great quality and low prices ($25 eighths and grams of concentrates). The store has incredibly friendly and helpful staff and a hands on owner who has been there every time I’ve been in. Overall the store is great and worth a visit. 5/5.

Sam Stevens

Best place in town hands down. Great prices, amazing vibes and very clean store. Staff is friendly and insanely knowledgeable. You have to come here.

Tyler Lovley

Best Rec prices in town, great staff and management. Highly recommend.

dustin lawrence