Sugarloaf Springs Cannabis Drinks & Edibles

Medical Grade Drinks & Edibles

Our state-licensed, engineer-designed lab on site allows us to process concentrates as well as distillate for edibles and cartridges. We also have the ability to process flower for third-party clients as needed. Original material comes in from our cultivation facility and is saturated in a particular solvent that helps it to pick up THCa and cannabinoids. We process concentrates with butane to produce high-quality sugar, shatter, crumble, diamonds, and more. Distillate is processed with ethanol to produce high-quality cartridges or to be processed into edibles and drinks.

Sugarloaf Springs Cannabis FAQs

Cannapowder : What Is Cannapowder?

Cannabis Nano Powder is a nanometric water soluble powder that improves absorption, creates a longer effect with reduced dosages, and increases shelf life molecule stability. The technology involves the use of a Nanometric powder formulation comprising a cannabinoid oil and other materials which are dispersed in water controlled by several repeatable parameters. The oil concentration can be increased or decreased in the process and can include permeation enhancers for increasing bioavailability.

Cannapowder : What Does Cannapowder Do?

Cannapowder allows us to eliminate inconsistencies in dosing, reduces onset time, improves flavor, and allows us to innovate with effect specific edibles. Cannapowder reduces the number of cannabinoids needed for the desired effect, therefore the final terpene profile will be stronger than distillate based edibles.