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Medical Grade Carts & Wax

Our state-licensed, engineer-designed lab on site allows us to process concentrates as well as distillate for edibles and cartridges. We also have the ability to process flower for third-party clients as needed. Original material comes in from our cultivation facility and is saturated in a particular solvent that helps it to pick up THCa and cannabinoids. We process concentrates with butane to produce high-quality sugar, shatter, crumble, diamonds, and more. Distillate is processed with ethanol to produce high-quality cartridges or to be processed into edibles and drinks.

Northern Grown Cannabis FAQs

Terpene Infused Pre-Rolls : How Are The Terpenes Extracted?

The raw material flower is harvested, and flash frozen for 24 hours. Terpenes are fragile and will break down with the solvents used to extract THC, so the terpenes have to be extracted through steam distillation. Steam distillation uses gentle pressure and steam so that the terpenes can be separated from the other components of the plant and collected. The terpenes are then infused into pre-rolls on top of the distillate infused to make this product.

Terpene Infused Pre-Rolls : What’s The Difference Between Terpene Infusion & Infused Pre-Rolls?

The infused terpenes are really concentrated. For example, Indica flower (ex. Sundae Best) was used as raw material, and the terpene infused was limonene, the terpenes are so concentrated it would make the resulting product a Sativa or Hybrid. This concentrated terpene infusion is also on top of distillate in the product. This means that the resulting high will feel more intense than the regular infused pre-rolls in the direction of the concentrated terpene. For example, a limonene concentrated strain will promote a more elevated mood and stress relief whereas a myrcene concentrated terpene will promote relaxed muscles and sleep. All in all, you’ll get higher for using less product because of the psychosomatic effects of terpenes.