Events & Sponsorships

Kennedy's Disc Golf • Battle of the 7 C's

Central Maine Disc Golf Singles Tournament Presented by Kennedy Disc Golf

5/5/24 @ Belgrade Lakes Disc Golf

5/25/24 @ Devil’s Grove Disc Golf

6/8/24 @ CR Farm Disc Golf

7/7/24 @ Bittersweet Ridge Disc Golf

8/24/24 @ Hapana Disc Golf

8/7/24 @ Quaker Hill Disc Golf

(10/5-10/6) /24 @ Porcupine Ridge Disc Golf

Riggin' With It Spring Tour

Rigometrics “Riggin’ With It” Spring Tour, Sponsoring May 17th in Portland Maine at Portland House of Music.

Intergalactic Space Rave

Hive Presents Intergalactic Space Rave on 4/20 at Free Street in

Portland, Maine. Featuring DJ’s Max Dansky and Trenches.