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Welcome to Cannabis Cured! Our recreational dispensary in Bangor, Maine is preferred among recreational weed consumers in the Queen City. We are located off of Bangor Mall Blvd in north Bangor, just 10 minutes away from Bangor International Airport. To get to Cannabis Cured Dispensary from the airport, follow I-95 N to exit 186 and turn right onto Stillwater Ave. Follow Stillwater for 0.7 miles and then turn right into the mall area (after Goodwill and before Best Buy). You’ll find our Bangor cannabis shop on the right, just past Sullivan Tire & Auto Service.

Of all the recreational weed shops in Maine, people prefer our Bangor cannabis store! Our convenient dispensary near the mall draws cannabis newbies & connoisseurs alike from all over Penobscot County. Folks from towns like Brewer, Eddington, Clifton, Veazie, Glenburn, Herman, Orrington, Stillwater, Orono, Hampden, Kenduskeag, Levant, Bradley, Old Town, Holden, Milford, and others happily make the trip to our recreational dispensary in Bangor for the best service, selection, and prices.

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Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM

Monday-Saturday: 10 AM – 8 PM

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Bangor’s Most Popular Weed Products

Patrons visiting our Bangor dispensary rave about the thoughtfully selected range of premium weed products at Cannabis Cured. Known for our outstanding variety, we proudly feature top-quality THC products in Maine such as flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, and more! Seeking suggestions? Dive into our patrons’ top picks below:

Premium Cannabis Strains

Discover an expansive array of top-tier weed strains at our recreational dispensary in Bangor, Maine. The Cannabis Cured flower selection includes premium offerings from Maine’s best cannabis cultivation facilities. Our entire strain collection is crafted by renowned cannabis geneticists such as Jinxproof and Humboldt Seed Company. Whether you prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid varieties, we offer a diverse range to suit your preferences!

Our Bangor dispensary shelves feature an extensive collection of Maine’s finest weed strains, revered for their robust cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Choose from renowned strains like Blueberry Cupcake, Wedding Crasher, Sundae Best, Shire, Raspberry Truffle, Sherb N’ Runtz, Blueberry Cupcake, Apple Tartz, and lots of others.

Explore the cannabis strains available in Maine online and pick up your order at Cannabis Cured!

Popular Weed Edibles

When it comes to cannabis edibles in Bangor, you can’t beat the selection at our recreational dispensary. We’re proud to offer a diverse range of premium THC edibles from trusted Maine cannabis product manufacturers, including delicious chocolates, gummies, and beverages.

The Cannabis Cured Bangor dispensary showcases an extensive array of the Pine Tree State’s finest edibles. Our varied selection of mouthwatering options is sourced from reputable Maine cannabis brands like Hashables, Nectr, Sugarloaf Springs, and more.

Shop Maine’s best edibles online and pick up at the Cannabis Cured dispensary in Bangor!

Versatile Vapes & Carts

Experience the convenience of weed vapes! Vaporizing cannabis provides rapid effects without the harsh smoke. At our recreational dispensary in Bangor, ME, we stock a wide range of convenient and user-friendly options, from vape batteries to disposables and cannabis cartridges filled with distillate, live resin, or solventless concentrates.

Savor our flavorful and potent vapes & carts, sourced exclusively from esteemed Maine cannabis product manufacturers such as Northern Grown. Our premium carts accurately replicate the flavors and effects of well-known strains such as Raspberry Truffle, Northern Lights, Blueberry Cupcake, Apple Tartz, and many more.

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  • Half Ounce $130 
  • Ounce $260  
  • 2x 100mg edibles for $40 
  • 3 joints for $25
  • Veterans receive 10% off 
  • Students now receive 10% off their purchase! Just show a valid school I.D.
  • Monday: 3x 50mg edibles for $45 
  • Tuesday: 3 carts for $95
  • Wednesday: concentrates (excluding diamonds) 2 for $75
  • Thursday: 4x drinks for $22.50  
  • Friday: spend $100, get a free joint 
  • Saturday: spend $100, get a free joint 
  • Sunday: Buy a 1/8th get your choice of a free lighter, papers, or chillum (while supplies last)

Bangor’s Favorite Recreational Cannabis Store

Step into Cannabis Cured, the most vibrant recreational dispensary in Bangor, ME! Immerse yourself in a welcoming atmosphere where passion for cannabis meets exceptional service.

Among recreational weed shops in Maine, Cannabis Cured stands out with a commitment to quality, offering top-tier products sourced from the most trusted Maine cannabis product manufacturers and cannabis cultivation facilities.

Join our loyalty program for unbeatable savings on Maine’s best cannabis. Whether you’re seeking premium flower strains & pre-rolls, delicious edibles, potent concentrates, innovative vapes, or any other weed essentials, we have something for everyone at our Bangor dispensary!

Experience the best of Bangor’s weed scene at the Cannabis Cured dispensary. Start your journey to elevated wellness and relaxation today!

Browse our menu now and pick up your order at our recreational dispensary in Bangor, Maine.

Reviews for Our Recreational Dispensary in Bangor

Our Bangor dispensary is well-loved by locals and visitors alike! Check out some of their rave Google reviews:

This is my new favorite recreational shop. Prices are solid, there are great daily deals and the staff is friendly and helpful. Their edible selection is good, the dry herb isn’t the largest selection but definitely a variety, and I’m sure they will get more in the future. Thank you!


5 Star Google Review

Employees are nice and helpful if you have questions, decent flower, the pre-rolls are all the way filled unlike other places, edibles, tinctures and the prices are decent compared to most. My favorite Bangor area dispensary.

Carly Murphy

5 Star Google Review

The people are super friendly and the store is laid out in a way that’s not overwhelming. Great assortment of products too. Love that they grow their own and that they got their start on the medical side.

Steven Copertino

5 Star Google Review

Wonderful space and well-set-up for inspection and browsing of goods. Friendly and informative staff. They have a loyalty discount program on top of daily deals. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking for flower or pre-rolls although they also handle distillates and extractions.

Andy Eisentrager

5 Star Google Review

I love how they actually have their products out so you can see them under a magnifying glass and each product explains what it’s good for such as pain, anxiety, eating disorders and other ailments. They have a range of products and even some for animals they also have an ATM in the store so you can get cash because they only take cash.

Mattie Kinghorn

5 Star Google Review

FAQ: Areas Served by Our Bangor Dispensary

How close is the Cannabis Cured dispensary to the airport?
Our Bangor cannabis shop is only 10 minutes away from Bangor International Airport! As soon as you land, head to Cannabis Cured, Maine’s best weed dispensary.

Is your weed dispensary close to Bangor City Forest?
Yes! Local hikers, dog owners, cross-country skiers, and other outdoor enthusiasts love to stop at the Cannabis Cured dispensary to stock up before or after a day in the beautiful Bangor City Forest, just 5 minutes away.

Where is the museum compared to your Bangor dispensary?
There are several museums close to the best weed dispensary in Bangor! The Maine Zillman Art Museum and Bangor Historical Society are less than 10 minutes away, and the  Forest & Logging Museum is a 30-minute drive, just over the Penobscot River from Cannabis Cured.

Is your recreational dispensary close to the university?
We are! If you are an adult university student, you’ll appreciate the proximity of the Cannabis Cured dispensary. The University of Maine, Husson University, UMA Bangor, and Beal University are all less than 10 minutes away from Bangor’s best weed dispensary.

Is the Cannabis Cured dispensary near the wildlife refuge?
Yes! The lovely scenery of Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is only about 30 minutes away from the best weed dispensary in Bangor– Cannabis Cured!

Are you an Orono dispensary?
Not technically, but folks from nearby Orono and Eddington prefer the Cannabis Cured Bangor dispensary over other recreational weed shops in Maine. Our Bangor cannabis store is less than 20 minutes away from Orono.

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Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or new to the world of cannabis, the welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff at our recreational dispensary in Bangor, ME are here to guide you. Explore our menu today for Maine’s best flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, and more. Elevate your cannabis experience with Cannabis Cured!

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