Cannabis 101

Our cultivation process is truly one-of-a-kind and produces some of the best cannabis products in Maine. Learn all about it below. 

Learn About Our Cultivation

We grow our own strains in Fairfield, Eliot, Stratton, Carrabassett Valley, Bethel, Thomaston, Bangor and Portland, ME.

It can be difficult to find quality cannabis products, especially if you’re not familiar with cannabis and the cultivation process. When you shop at Cannabis Cured, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality cannabis, care of our in-house labethe and kitchen. Our employees have first-hand experience with the entire cannabis cultivation process, from growing the plants in a state-of-art facility to harvesting and processing them into top-quality marijuana products.

What Effect Are You Seeking?

Before you purchase a cannabis product, you’ll want to figure out what kind of effect you’re seeking. Each strain is known to have a different general effect. Our cannabis strains fall under three main types:

Sativa, which is known to be stimulating, uplifting and energizing. Indica, which is known to be deeply calming and relaxing. Hybrid, which is a blend of sativa and indica strains.

When you shop with us, our employees will help you find a product that fits your needs. We can also walk you through our cannabis cultivation process and show you how we provide quality marijuana care while growing our strains.

What Sets Our Cultivation & Weed Apart?

We have a dedicated team of cultivators working in the cutting-edge industry of cannabis. Our team strives for perfection and holds a deep passion to grow the highest quality cannabis around.

Since the establishment of Cannabis Cured, we have had a dream to help our local communities obtain clean, high-quality, products while also providing educational information on the diverse types, uses, and benefits of cannabis. While providing equal opportunities to our employees, we have managed to build a team capable of accomplishing any challenges or obstacles that comes with cultivating cannabis.


Cannabis Cured is located in Fairfield, Maine, where you can find our cultivation facility and resolute team. We are currently growing more than thirty strains to achieve a variation of choices for cannabis lovers throughout the state. With extensive research and development, we are continuously searching for the next best strain to bring on board.


There is a multitude of different nutrients used to grow cannabis. Here at Cannabis Cured we like to keep it to the point with a clean sterile line that retains everything our plant’s need. As the future of cannabis grows, so does our techniques and style of watering and feeding.





To achieve total control in our grow facility we utilize the best equipment on the market. Every step is critiqued for its efficiency and final quality production. We also use more than just indoor grow equipment though. As of 2021, we have put up our first full-light deprivation green house to achieve the best outdoor product for the Maine season. Lastly, we are currently building out our hybrid green house that will give us the capability of growing the highest quality indoor and outdoor product.



Sterilization of equipment, grow rooms, and the facility itself is the first crucial step when growing clean cannabis. Our team at Cannabis Cured strives for excellence and does so by making sure no stone is left unturned. With state-of-the-art equipment, and in-depth sanitation, we can control every component in our facility. Routine cleaning and standard operating procedures help to ensure it meets Cannabis Cured Cultivation’s standard of excellence.