About Cannabis Cured

Our Brands & Process

Maine's Best Genetics

Our genetics lab is where we cultivate and test a large variety of strains and selectively implement them in our production facility. This ensures only the best strains are given the Cannabis Cured seal of approval before they move on to cultivation.

Cultivated With Care

Cultivation is where it all begins! With over 7,000 feet of canopy, our indoor and outdoor grow, featuring a state of the art hybrid greenhouse, brings you all of the Cannabis Cured strains you love! Cannabis isn’t the only thing “green” about us. We utilize full spectrum lighting, which allows us to minimize our overall energy output.

Trimmed By Hand

After the bud is cured for a period of 10 days, it is then hand trimmed and separated into SKU’s of bud, trim, and pre-rolls.

State of the Art Lab & Testing

Our state of the art, engineer designed, CIDI lab on-site allows us to process concentrates as well as distillate for edibles and cartridges. Material comes in from our cultivation facility and is saturated in a particular solvent to help it pick up THCa and cannabinoids. We process concentrates with butane extraction to produce high quality sugar, shatter, crumble, diamonds, and more. Distillate is distilled with ethanol to produce high quality cartridges or to be processed into edibles and drinks.

Professional Kitchen

Once the distillate is processed, it is sent to our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen to be titrated into a variety of edible SKU’s. The facility is led by a professional chef with a degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson Wales University. Our professional grade kitchen allows us to research, develop, and produce a wide array of edibles. Our process uses titration equipment including nano-emulsification to evenly dose over 75 edibles at fixed dosages.

Cannabis Cured Packaging

Our packaging department handles transforming finished products into the branded packaged products you’ll find in our medical dispensaries, recreational storefronts, and wholesale partner stores.

Our Leadership Team

Sam Crockett

Chief Executive Officer

Casey Raymond

Chief Financial Officer

Travis Stuard

Head of Cultivation

Matthew Lee

President of Sales & Marketing

Nathan James

President of Manufacturing

Brian Harnish

Chief Compliance Officer

Larissa Batchelder

Head of Human Resources