Tangieland is a favorite medicinal cannabis hybrid strain around here at Cannabis Cured. Many Wicked X Clementine Cross cannabis lovers have quickly converted to Tangieland cannabis lovers with just one taste. We love to connect our customers to the best medicinal marijuana strain for their wants and needs, and Tangieland seldom disappoints. 


Tangieland is a hybrid marijuana strain. Hybrid strains are created when two strains of cannabis are bred together to create a new strain, called a hybrid. Hybrids can provide a more balanced effect to their consumers. Tangieland is a sativa dominant cannabis hybrid so it provides more sativa effects like euphoria and creativity, but with its balancing indica genetics will provide a body high to balance out the head high. Hybrid strains offer a great option for cannabis consumers who like the balanced body and mind high and the unique effects hybrids can bring. Hybrid marijuana strains are a perfect option for consumers who are new to cannabis use, as a way to ease into the effects of cannabis and explore which effects, benefits, and blends are best for you.


Like Wicked X, Tangieland is a rare balanced hybrid cannabis strain with strongly leaning sativa effects. Tangieland comes from a cross between the Tangie marijuana strain — a 50% sativa 50% indica balanced hybrid strain and the Candyland marijuana strain— a sativa dominant hybrid with 70% sativa and 30% indica. Tangieland is a sativa dominant cannabis hybrid that smells of uplifting citrus notes. Tangieland brings the pleasant taste of sweet and tangy citrus with a hint of pine, similar to Wicked X, but much sweeter, as Wicked X has a sour aftertaste. 


The Tangieland cannabis strain provides a creative, energetic head buzz & a mild body high that provides some balance to relieve mild aches & pains, as well as dull the traditional sativa-dominant ‘buzz’. With its sativa dominant leanings you can bring a boost to your day to keep your head happy and focused and your body calm yet productive. Unlike the more cannabis indica couch-locking side effects of Wicked X, Tangieland is recommended for boosting creativity and happiness, honing in your focus, and encouraging productivity. 


Medicinally many medical marijuana consumers find Tangieland to be supportive in easing mild aches and pains, reducing the effects of stress on the body and mind, and some may even find it to be a supportive addition to their depression treatment regimen. Tangieland is a strain that many of our patients enjoy and highly recommend. Cannabis Cured does make some recommendations on certain conditions that would make Tangieland a poor choice. If you suffer from epilepsy, heart defects, headaches, or anxiety let us connect you to a different strain option. 


A large portion of the effects and benefits that make Tangieland great is the terpene mix found in the strain. Wicked x and Tangieland share a similar terpene profile, although Tangieland’s terpenes provide a bit more energizing and uplifting effects. Limonene is one main terpene found in Tangieland and has a citrus-like aroma. Limonene may support easing stress and elevating your mood and is found in some citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes in cannabis and has a peppery aroma. Myrcene may have calming effects and is also found in lemongrass. Caryophyllene is both a terpene and a cannabinoid in Tangieland with a spicy, herbal aroma. Caryophyllene has proven anti-inflammatory benefits and is also found in pepper and cinnamon. 

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Tangieland is definitely a strain worth trying if you are on the search for a balanced, sweet, and beneficial medicinal marijuana strain. Tangieland is a good option if you are looking for a daytime option. You can find other strains to compliment Tangieland once you have fulfilled that to do list for the day and you are ready to relax and get some rest.  The staff at Cannabis Cured is always here and happy to connect you to the strain that is right for you for any time of the day, and a variety of needs and preferences.