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Cannabis Cured in Thomaston, ME is dedicated to the cultivation of our medical cannabis, we are working 24/7 to achieve our goal of growing and processing our flower into high-quality, pure and medical-grade medicine. We are always helping our customers achieve the highest level of organic medicinal value from their medical marijuana. We are dedicated to growing the most stable genetics and our knowledgeable staff is always focused on making our medical cannabis the most effect specific for a variety of health conditions. We never spray with anything that is not organic and aim for the most pure product possible.


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Have questions about our medical marijauana, CBD, cannabis extracts, glass pieces, concentrates or more? Do you want to find our affiliate’s and our locations to come explore our products and talk with our experts? Curious about our community outreach events?

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Consult our knowledgeable Caregivers.

We pride ourselves in quality care from our caregiver for our medical marijuana patients, and believe it is our calling to connect our patients to the wide variety of available nature-based medicines existing in organic cannabis.  Our medical cannabis, cannabis extracts and concentrates and many other products are all wonderful options that can support a patient dealing with a variety of conditions, including chronic pain and illness. We present our medicine in small, fresh batches to ensure the highest, most pure quality possible.

We are vertically-integrated


Cannabis Cured focuses on using the most organic growing process possible. We only spray with organic products and only as a routine preventative measure. We focus on the devoted and encouraging care of our plants. We craft effect specific strains and are constantly educating ourselves on advancements with this.

Our Flower

Cannabis Cured creates our own strains, some are original to Maine, or even our company; and unavailable elsewhere. We stabilize our genetics before claiming them into our company to be sure of the right potency, most medicinal effect, and all of the right cannabinoids to assist in the healing process. Our education in understanding how genetics are cultivated allows us to accomplish our goal of creating the most effect-specific medicine with our medical cannabis as possible.


The Cannabis Cured team works locally to grow, carefully trim every strain by hand, and to ensure the integrity and quality remains intact, and inspected. These are crucial steps in staying tight-knit, and vertically integrated to continue confidently educating our patients during their cannabis journey, as well as allowing them to keep peace-of-mind in the product they’ve chosen.


Once we have achieved our final product we add it to our storefront, along with some affiliate stores that carry our products. All medical cannabis product is stored properly so that it stays fresh. We ensure that no cannabis product stays on the shelf for too long so what is purchased is as fresh, and high-quality as possible. Our affiliates and storefront are clean, sanitary,  and know the importance of this to keep the product as pure, and untouched as possible. 

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Cannabis Concentrates

Our affiliate processing facility-Full Spectrum Solutions, offers both ethanol/distillation and butane extraction and processing. We pride ourselves on utilizing the most effective extraction processes for the highest quality, cleanest product possible.

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