What Is A Budtender?

What Is A Budtender?


In the Maine medical marijuana industry, there are people known as “budtenders” that specialize in the many ways cannabis can be consumed. A budtender’s job is important in the cannabis industry because it provides patients peace of mind when choosing the right strain and/or way to consume their medical cannabis. Just as you would find in a bar that serves alcohol, a budtender is somebody that works in a similar fashion. The difference being, a budtender can help you with all of your Maine medical marijuana questions and concerns. 



For the most part, budtenders can be found at storefronts, dispensaries, and anywhere that is licensed to sell Maine medical marijuana. However, the beautiful thing about the new ways cannabis is expanding has allowed for budtenders to be found in many different companies that provide medical cannabis. Some may think that once they receive a Maine medical marijuana card only their doctor would be able to prescribe certain strains. Thankfully, this is where the budtenders come in. They work together closely with Maine medical marijuana patients to customize their use for the best possible outcome. 



There is a large amount of knowledge needed to recognize a wide variety of symptoms that Maine medical marijuana may help with. Budtenders gain their knowledge from first hand on-site experience and education. Because marijuana is not legal on a federal level, there is currently no license needed or special certification to become a budtender. However, the need for a Maine medical marijuana card is a factor when thinking of starting a career in budtending, along with a passion for the plant, its many benefits, and helping others. An individual also needs to be 21 years of age or older as stated by Maine state law. 


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A key characteristic of any quality budtender is their knowledge base of the many strains and ways to consume Maine medical marijuana. When making your choice for the best medicine Maine Medical marijuana can provide, it is important to know what you are consuming and how.  That’s why the job of a budtender is so important when it comes to making an informed decision. Not only do they have a wide knowledge of ways to consume, strains, specific benefits and products within, budtenders have compassion combined with ethics to give you an honest and sincere experience. 


When entering a Maine medical marijuana caregiver storefront or Maine dispensary for the first time it can be a bit overwhelming. Even for the seasoned marijuana user walking into a store to purchase Maine medical marijuana for the first time is exciting. A caring and qualified budtender is the person behind the counter ready to assist you with questions and concerns. You may see a menu or other options and if for whatever reason they do not make sense a budtender is there to give you clarification. 



The Maine medical marijuana industry is fast-paced and growing more and more each day. With new advancements in technology, added as more and more states are getting on board, budtending is a promising and exciting career choice. Wages may vary based on individual employers, but each gives an individual a knowledge base to help many people. If you are someone that cares about the Maine medical marijuana industry, and the patients within it, budtending can be a great way to achieve this goal. Every well-oiled machine has components that work together to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible. Being a budtender is a crucial piece of the wonderful picture Maine medical marijuana is painting. So if you would like to learn more about the many ways cannabis can benefit you or other Maine medical marijuana patients, budtending may be the perfect position for you. It allows you to interact and work with professionals in the field, as well as patients within the community.