How Much THC In A Joint?

How Much THC In A Joint?



As many medical marijuana patients are aware, THC is one of the medicinal chemical components found in cannabis plants. There are many ways to consume cannabis, and each may allow for higher or lower THC content upon consumption. Each person is very different, however, there are certain studies that show different numbers for THC percentage when consuming your medical cannabis in the form of joints. 

Where there are many different ways to consume Maine medical marijuana, traditionally and to this day, a joint is a very popular method. A joint consists of finely ground medical cannabis rolled into a paper in the style of a cigarette. When purchasing a joint at a Maine dispensary or caregiver storefront, the THC percentage of the strain and contents of the joint is labeled for patients. This labeling can give people a better understanding of what they are consuming. Using cannabis in this method can allow for the unique individual flavors of different strains to shine as well as their medical benefits. 

As popular as using a joint to consume medical marijuana, there are some things to consider when choosing this as an option for your consumption, such as how much THC is in a joint and what your optimal THC dosage is. This in no way is meant to encourage or discourage patients from their choices for consumption. The best thing about using cannabis for medical purposes is to try different methods and find the best form of consumption for your individual symptoms. Many people enjoy cannabis in various ways, and it is up to you to find out which method works best. 


Many people enjoy how smoking a joint gives them their medical benefits from cannabis, however, when choosing different methods it is essential to know how your body metabolizes it. Take, for instance eating an edible. The body absorbs THC into your cannabinoid system differently in this way so that the effects may feel a lot stronger for the same percentage of THC dose. 

On average, Cannabis Cured finds that marijuana strains contain 12% to 28% THC. Because of this variable, it is important to know the percentage of THC you’re getting from the strains you are purchasing. It is also important to remember when smoking a joint there can be a loss of THC percentage due to smoke between inhales. It also depends on the size of the joint that is rolled and the individual person smoking. 

Some Maine medical marijuana patients can smoke a full joint and function just fine throughout the day. In comparison, other Maine medical marijuana patients can only consume one puff every few hours to achieve the same medicinal benefits. Only you know how best to consume your medical cannabis in it is always important to start slow. Listen and pay attention to your body to make sure you do not accidentally over-medicate yourself, which won’t cause harm but may cause an uncomfortable experience. 


From joints, bongs, edibles, and concentrates, there are many ways that Maine medical marijuana patients can choose to consume their medical cannabis. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages when determining what is right for your consumption. Although it is variable when trying to figure out how much THC is in a joint it is important to pay attention to the THC content when purchasing your medical cannabis. Any reputable caregiver storefront or Maine dispensary provides the THC percentage for the cannabis you are purchasing. Cannabis Cured happily works with our customers to discover which THC percentage might be best for your needs. This makes it easier to determine and make an educated choice for the amount of THC dosage you may be ingesting. Because everybody is different and each person absorbs cannabis individually, always remember to start slow and take it easy. And for an optimal experience come to Cannabis Cured to work with a helpful caregiver who will be there every step of the way. Stop by today!