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Medical Weed Store in Fairfield, ME

Welcome to Cannabis Cured! Our medical dispensary in Fairfield, Maine is the preferred destination for medicinal cannabis patients in Fairfield and neighboring areas. Located northwest of downtown Fairfield, reaching the Cannabis Cured dispensary from downtown is simple. Just head west on ME-139 for approximately 4.5 miles. Our Maine medical marijuana store will be on your right, approximately half a mile after passing the intersection of ME-23 and ME-139.

Our Fairfield cannabis shop shines as the #1 weed store amidst the array of medical marijuana dispensaries in Maine. Conveniently nestled between Fairfield and Norridgewock, the Cannabis Cured dispensary draws medicinal cannabis patients from Somerset County and beyond.

Residents from Shawmut, Waterville, Clinton, Hinckley, Oakland, Sidney, Smithfield, North Vassalboro, China Village, Norridgewock, Rome, Albion, Belgrade, and surrounding areas gladly make the trip to our medical dispensary in Fairfield, ME for unparalleled service, variety, and prices.

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Monday – Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM

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Fairfield’s Preferred Medical Cannabis Products

Patrons visiting our Fairfield dispensary appreciate the thoughtfully selected range of medical weed products at Cannabis Cured. Renowned for our outstanding variety, we proudly feature top-quality THC products in Maine, such as flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, topicals, and more! Seeking suggestions? Check out our patients’ preferred picks below:

Top-Tier Cannabis Strains

Discover an expansive variety of premium cannabis strains at our medical dispensary in Fairfield, Maine. Cannabis Cured offers a vast selection of flower sourced from the finest cannabis cultivation facilities in Maine. Our entire selection of strains is crafted by renowned cannabis geneticists such as Jinxproof and Humboldt Seed Company. Whether you prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid strains, we offer a diverse range to accommodate your preferences!

Come peruse the extensive array of Maine’s best cannabis strains displayed at our Fairfield dispensary. Praised for their potent cannabinoid and terpene profiles, our premium strain collection features acclaimed varieties like Wedding Crasher, Sundae Best, Skunkband, Shire, Purple Punch, Sherb N’ Runtz, Apple Tartz, and dozens of others.

Purchase cannabis strains available in Maine online now and pick up your order today in Fairfield!

Pure & Effective THC Edibles

For those seeking cannabis edibles in Fairfield, our medical dispensary offers an unparalleled selection. We take pride in showcasing a varied assortment of premium weed edibles sourced from reputable Maine cannabis product manufacturers. Treat yourself to delightful chocolates, gummies, and beverages with assurance!

At the Cannabis Cured dispensary in Fairfield, you have the opportunity to discover a wide variety of the highest-quality medical-grade edibles available in the Pine Tree State. Our varied assortment of tantalizing choices is carefully selected from reputable Maine cannabis brands like Nectr and Sugarloaf Springs.

Shop Maine’s best edibles online and pick up your order at our medical dispensary in Fairfield, ME!

Convenient Weed Vapes

Experience the ease and discretion of cannabis vapes! Vaporizing marijuana delivers rapid effects without the harshness of smoke. At our medical dispensary in Fairfield, ME, you can explore a wide array of user-friendly options, including batteries, disposable vapes, and cannabis cartridges filled with distillate or live resin concentrates.

Savor our irresistibly potent vapes and carts, exclusively sourced from trusted Maine cannabis product manufacturers such as Northern Grown. Our high-quality carts deliver the authentic taste and effects of well-loved strains such as Raspberry Truffle, Blueberry Cupcake, Apple Tartz, and many more.

Browse our selection of vapes and carts in Fairfield for pickup at the Cannabis Cured dispensary!

  • 5 Carts for $100 
  • Students can now receive 10% with a valid school I.D.
  • Monday: $5 off 100mg Edibles (5 max) 
  • Tuesday: $45 1/4 ounce, $90 1/2 ounce
  • Wednesday: Buy 4 concentrates get 5th free (all concentrates)
  • Thursday: Everyday deal, choose your deal for the whole day.
  • Friday: Free joint over $50
  • Saturday: All grams of Sugar/Shatter for $25 
  • Sunday: Buy quarter get paper, chillum, or lighter (their choice while supplies last)

Best Fairfield Dispensary for Medical Weed

Cannabis Cured stands out as the best of Fairfield’s medical marijuana dispensaries! We offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere where our commitment to cannabis seamlessly integrates with exceptional service.

At the Cannabis Cured medical dispensary in Fairfield, ME, quality comes first. We highlight premium products sourced from esteemed Maine cannabis product manufacturers and cannabis cultivation facilities.

Join our loyalty program today to unlock special discounts on Maine’s best weed. Whether you seek top-tier flower strains, delicious edibles, potent concentrates, cutting-edge vapes, calming topicals, CBD products, or any other cannabis must-haves, our Fairfield dispensary has everything to meet your needs!

Experience the epitome of medical cannabis excellence at the Cannabis Cured dispensary in Fairfield. Begin your journey toward improved well-being and tranquility today!

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Reviews for Cannabis Cured Medical Weed Dispensary Fairfield

Our Fairfield dispensary receives acclaim from both residents and visitors alike! Check out a small selection of our many outstanding Google reviews. Have you visited the Cannabis Cured medical dispensary in Fairfield, ME? We would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please take a moment to share your thoughts by writing a review, and you’ll receive 5% off your next order!

staff is always super nice and helpful. the guy I met the first time I went was surprised me how much he knew and could teach me more about what’s better for certain medical problems and what to look for in each strain to help with those things etc it was impressive and very helpful!

Melissa Brown

5 Star Google Review

I enjoy stopping into Cannabis cured from time to time. I’ve been going since they were only medical at that location. The staff are always very helpful and super friendly. Overall, a good Recreational dispensary in the area.

Josh M

5 Star Google Review
What an awesome experience, prices were perfect and the flower/ concentrate was literally top shelf! Highly highly recommend the Slow N Sweet 50/50 but seems heavy on the Indica after smoking it, now that I realized I never type reviews like this! So the Slow Sweet makes me babble! WELL DONE WOTH YOU FLOWER!

Nick Ponti

5 Star Google Review

FAQ: Areas Served by Our Fairfield Dispensary

Is the Cannabis Cured dispensary close to the airport?
Yes, our Fairfield cannabis shop is conveniently located near several small airports. Central Maine Regional Airport, LaFleur Airport, and Pittsfield Municipal Airport are all just 25 minutes or less from Cannabis Cured. Upon arrival, head straight to Maine’s best weed dispensary!

Is your weed dispensary near hiking trails?
Absolutely! We’re surrounded by a multitude of scenic spots. It’s common for local hikers, dog walkers, and nature lovers to stop by the Cannabis Cured dispensary to stock up on essentials before or after exploring the nearby hiking opportunities in Quarry Road Trails, Mill Island Park, and Shawmut Dam.

How far is the museum from your Fairfield dispensary?
Several museums are conveniently located near the best weed dispensary in Fairfield! You can reach the L.C. Bates Museum, Colby College Museum of Art, and Waterville Historical Society within just a 10-minute drive from Cannabis Cured.

Is your medical dispensary near the college?
We are! College students with medical cards will appreciate the convenient location of the Cannabis Cured dispensary. Within a 10-minute radius, you’ll find Colby College, Kennebec Valley Community College, and Thomas College– making our Fairfield cannabis store the best weed dispensary for students.

Is the Cannabis Cured dispensary close to a disc golf course?
Indeed, we’re surrounded by stunning disc golf courses! Explore Quaker Hill Disc Golf, Skyriders Disc Golf, and Angry Lobster Disc Golf, all conveniently located less than five minutes from our Fairfield dispensary.

Are you a Waterville medical dispensary?
Although our official location is not in Waterville or Winslow, medicinal cannabis patients from these areas often prefer the Cannabis Cured dispensary over other medical marijuana dispensaries. Our Fairfield cannabis shop is just a quick 10-minute drive from Waterville.

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Discover the highest standard of medical cannabis excellence at our Fairfield dispensary. Committed to exceptional quality, a wide array of products, and unbeatable deals, Cannabis Cured is your one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs.

Whether you’re an experienced patient or just beginning your journey with medical cannabis, the knowledgeable staff at our medical dispensary in Fairfield, ME is ready to support you. Browse our menu today to discover Maine’s best flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, topicals, and beyond. Let Cannabis Cured elevate your cannabis journey!

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